If there is anything you want to explore, please reach out.

What I am interested in

  • Consumer social products with a unique insight by a designer or engineer that realises the possibility of a new technology and how to capture it in a new experience which allows people to communicate a set of information with other people in a faster way.
  • AI application to repititive work that's done by teams of humans for more than 8 hrs a day.
  • Mobile utility products that are nearly identical, but add in the obvious expansions with a better UX.

Why you should work with Me
  • I have been successful in convincing people smarter than me to join me to go after very big ambitions, framing risky projects in ways that they seem achievable, and learning how to build teams and cultures from examples of success around me.
  • I constantly admit to myself that I am bad at lots of things and wanting to learn more from those around me, and combining that with an overwhelming (and perhaps sometimes obnoxious) self-confidence.
  • I have the courage of exploring and the commitment to staying coupled with the willpower to move stuff forward.
  • I’m very optimistic and delusional.

What qualities am I looking for?
  • Intense urgency x skill x high ownership.
  • Strongly opinionated + openly curious.
  • Raw horsepower and a very strong mental model of the domain and the users.